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Customer Feedback

“The Stereologer is easily the most intuitive stereology/image analysis package available. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in need of computerized stereology.”

“My colleagues and I have used Stereologer to quantify pathology in post-mortem human tissue. This work has led to several strong publications for us.”

“Years ago I chose the powerful Stereologer for its competitive pricing and close association with a leading stereology expert and neuroscientist. Since then I have been highly impressed by the Stereologer’s reliability, ease of use, and strong company support.”

“With three Stereologer systems running in our facility, we have never found an analysis it cannot do. The Stereologer has obviously worked out extremely well for us.”

“After evaluating all the commercially available stereology systems available for our studies of neural tissue, I chose the Stereologer. This turned out to be an excellent decision. In addition to being affordable and easy-to-learn, Stereologer has been extremely reliable.”

“After working with another system for a few weeks I fully appreciate the Stereologer’s smart design. Congratulations on the user-friendly operation of your system!”

“The Stereologer was highly recommended to me by colleagues who had used all the popular systems. Not only has it been extremely economical to buy and maintain, I also find it very user-friendly to operate.”

“The Stereologer has been an excellent choice for our stereology studies.”

“Customer support for the Stereologer system is impeccable, I’d be nowhere without it. Dr. Mouton helped me get my studies off of the ground and refine them for grant submissions. I highly recommend the SRC’s Stereologer to anyone hoping to make an impact with their research.”

Of the 3 commercially available hardware/software stereological packages I have owned, Stereologer is easily the best in terms of ease-of-set-up, speed, low-cost, and useful features. We have used our systems to complete over 80 studies for research grants, private contracts and pharmaceutical projects.

Stereology Resource Center

Pushing the Boundaries of Science and Technology

Dr. Peter R. Mouton, SRC Chief Scientific Officer, and Professor Dmitry Goldgof, USF Professor of Computer Sciences, share top scientist-inventor award from Florida High Tech Corridor.

  • Dr. Mouton is a neuroscientist with intricate knowledge about current stereology applications and technologies. Dr. Goldgof is a nationally/internationally established computational scientist.
  • Stereologer is a highly sophisticated stereology system with robust performance (speed and automation capability.”
  • This novel technology provides a robust advancement in stereologic quantification of immunostained sections, a gold standard of neuropathologic investigations.”